TRUCK (2018)

A Spoken play

The unwilling journey of the three chubby men to the place that no one has never returned.

The beginning of 'TRUCK' comes from Jib's (the playwright) thoughts

when she was driving way back home. She saw some animals were having a journey on the street

as well so she questioned that IF those animals could talk what would they say?

Jib and Kwin has talked about that creatures' state and tried to connect it with many various points of views

before the script's transferred to the director (Kwin).

At the end, director worked with the performers until all those concept became just a small part of the stories!

We have found so many new creatures to fill the stories completely.

Opened minding is Kwin's goal of working in this production. An audience is allowed to open his perceptions

in any ways or either stop following the story line.

Nothing is right, nothing is wrong in TRUCK.


Bangkok Theatre Festival Awards 2018

[WINNER] Best Script

[Nominee] Best Performance by a Male Artist (WANNASAK SIRILAR)

[Nominee] Best Direction

[Nominee] Best Performance

By Bangkok Theatre Network


Director – Kwin Bhichitkul
Art Director, Playwright – Chanida Punyaneramitdee
Performer - Wannasak Sirilar, Kandanai Chotikapracal, Pattaraphol Pholwiwat
Lighting Designer – Palita Sakulchaivanich
Lighting Operator - Phornchanok Sarikacharti
Sound Designer – Parama Nimitarnun
Costume Designer – Nicha Buranasamrit
Technical Director – Kronchai Meevong
Production Manager – Ornanong Meekul
PR Material Designer – Chanida Punyaneramitdee
Set Maker - Suwanna Phewon
Playwright translator – Cholathep na bangchang
Surtitles Operator – Praphaphan Suthirawut
Photographer - Nattawuth Dangsakun


Sliding Elbow Studio



0.55 Hours

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Performed in THAI

English subtitles is provided